Welcome to Diamond Edge Sharpening!

I promise and I deliver the finest scissors-sharpening service specifically for hair stylists and barbers throughout the Appleton Wisconsin area.   I guarantee that your shears will cut like they did when they were new.

You're probably asking yourself. "Why should I trust Diamond Edge when all the other sharpeners I've used have produced mediocre results at best?"

The answer is the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening system I use, combined with my skill at what I do, and most importantly, my commitment to customer service.  

When I work with a client for the first time, I make sure that you test the shears in your own hands. I want you to actually feel the difference after I've sharpened them.  I get comments like this all the time. "O-M-G these cut better than they did when they were new" and "I don't believe it! You restored the shears I thought were ruined." 

The second reason is my guarantee. I check back with clients after a few days to make sure everything is working just like I promised. If there are any problems, I fix them.  I actually encourage my clients, whether a sharpening client or someone who purchased a shear, to call me with any problems or questions at any time.

You are a professional stylist or barber. You know that the tools you use directly affect the results you achieve.  The best results for your clients occur when you use high quality shears that have been properly maintained combined with the skills you've developed in your profession.  These kinds of exceptional results generate happy, loyal clients who in turn give referrals which help both you and your salons fill their appointment books, allow for increased fees and ultimately produce more income for everyone.

Allow Diamond Edge to become your resource to keep all the primary tools of your trade in peak condition.   Call today for an appointment. (920) 213-7694.

Introductory Challenge:  Do you have a pair of shears that no longer work because of what another sharpener did to them? Why not see if I can fix them.  There are only two things I can't fix - a bent shear or a broken blade.  

I want your business but I don't want it just for today. I want to be your shears resource for years to come.  

Musashi Shears


Scissors Sharpening Challenge
"I was amazed at the difference in the scissors based solely on the way they were sharpened. I had to apologize to my customer when I pulled her hair trying to cut with scissors "C." I am pleased to recommend the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System.

Editor's Note:  Scissor "C" was sharpened on a grinder that destroyed the convex edge, replacing it with a bevel edge which is why the scissors pulled the hair when Cindy tried to slide cut with it. Cindy E.
Damascus by Musashi
I love the Damascus by Musashi Shear. It is the best shear I have ever worked with. It is so smooth and easy to work with. It makes the hair cut go so fast, almost like you are not even cutting. Even the sound is different. They really are great shears. Shaylin S.
MR 9 T
I really enjoy the versatility of the MR9 shears. It allows several blending options which gives me a better quality cut with less effort. I like to use it on some of my male customers that have inconsistent hair lengths and texture. The MR9T shears allows me to blend it all together. Thanks, Diamond Rose Shears for this great shear! Donna R.